College of Administration and Economics

Marketing Management


The Marketing Management Department has an essential role in the operation of any private firm or public organization. The department of Marketing Management is one of the leading دepartments in both research and teaching excellence. Our department expands traditional views of marketing across a range of related disciplines to create novel insights and strategies within the field.

Department Vision:

The Marketing Management Department envisions itself as the community first choice source of bachelor graduates in the marketing and advertising professions who will make significant and important contributions to the private sector. It is committed to the unrelenting pursuit of excellence in teaching and research through the use of state-of-the-art technology, through the constant development and implementation of innovative academic programs that are attuned to the changing needs of Iraq Kurdistan, and through the continuous enhancement of the academic and professional credentials, teaching skills, and research capabilities of the faculty.

Department Mission:

Preparing distinguished cadres in the field of Marketing who will be able to adapt to changes in the surrounding environment and managing marketing activities in line with the requirements of the local, regional and international labor market and community service.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Training students in the arts and sciences of marketing and advertising to prepare them for jobs in public and private sector institutions.
  2. The production of skilled and qualified people with honest morals and awareness of the social conditions surrounding them and ready to fulfill their duties in their work with integrity and honesty.
  3. Continuous improvement of practical experience through robust theoretical and empirical research, also sharing this knowledge with students and other professionals.
  4. Valuing the contributions made to the marketing department by individuals and groups within or outside the department to create a multidisciplinary and growing body of knowledge that provides a solid foundation for the students.

Study Methods:

The Bologna process is followed by this department, as each study year consists of two semesters. Teaching methodology here is based on theoretical materials and practical classes. Students participate in the classes through presentations and submitting reports along with conducting small projects regarding each module. Evaluation is done by paper examination and daily activities of the students.


Arabic and English languages are used in the study of all modules of the department  (BA, MA, PhD).


This department consists of four stages of the Bologna process. It also includes practical and theoretical lessons in college. Each of them consists of two  semesters.

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