College of Administration and Economics



Since its inception, the department has been working on the development of its study plans, taking into account the integration of the decisions of these plans to ensure that the needs of the labor market are met. This department is able to compete and adapt to changes in the business environment, through its current study plan and following the issuance of new instructions by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Accounting and Auditing ethics. One of the most important features of the current study plan is to include a set of integrated courses that enable graduates to work in different accounting jobs.

Department Vision:

The department strives to be a leader in accounting education, applied research and community cohesion  locally, nationally and regionally.

Providing distinguished graduates in teaching and learning accounting, and committed to the ethics of the profession, and be able to compete and adapt changes in the business environment with the implementation of applied research that contribute to the activation of society.

Department Mission:

The mission of the Accounting Program is to prepare students for advanced academic studies as well as for careers in public accounting, private industry, government and non- profit sectors.

Students will demonstrate progressive cognitive domain development of knowledge, comprehension, and application of rational economic decision making using: accounting discipline language, methods of classification, standards and computational procedures in all courses.

Learning Outcomes:

The Accounting department aims to:
1 – provide graduates with sufficient accounting knowledge and skills necessary to qualify them to practice the profession of accounting consistent with the needs of the labor market.
2 – provide scientific production that contributes to the development of areas of teaching and learning accounting and solving community problems.
3 – activate cooperative relations and partnership with the private sector.

Study Methods:

Study method in this department is the Bologna process which includes theoretical and practical lectures, laboratories and projects. The department evaluates students through two midterm exams and one final exam as well as written reports.


Arabic and English languages are used in this department (BA,  MA, PhD).


This department consists of four stages of the Bologna process. This department includes practical and theoretical lessons in college. Each of them consists of two  semesters.

Academic Staff:

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